Okay… I’m going to post again here at wordpress… just to see if I like it… but I’m really liking the new blogger updates.  So, look for me there first… http://mejojacspot.blogspot.com Just a quick update from our home… I’m sick as a dog.  So fun.  It’s been one of the strangest illnesses I have ever had.  Fevers that swing from cold to hot in a matter of seconds and then back to cold a few seconds later.  Weird pain in my legs.  But I haven’t felt the usual exhaustion of a flu bug.  I’m not sure that’s what it was.  Mostly, I’m just weird.  The kiddos seem to be okay.  Red had a field trip yesterday to our County Fair/Date Festival.  He had a wonderful time.  I guess they race a bunch of different animals and they got to touch and get close to many of them- which was heaven for my child who wants to be a zoo keeper someday.  Little Bug has had a lot of progress in the last few weeks!  He is constantly making me grin from ear to ear with his little bursts of language!  GO BUG!!!  Baby Girl can’t seem to stop talking.  Yesterday I told her I loved her and she said, “Yeah, I love Dad”.  Nice.  Later on I told her she was a cutie but.  And she said, “No, you’re the cootie bug – it’s like a lady bug”.  There you have it.  Betcha didn’t know that cooties and lady bugs were so closely related?  This morning, when she got up I said Hi to her and she looked at me and said “You remember me?”  I know that sometimes the night feels long, but really, it’s not.  I love my kids.  They keep me humble and on my toes 🙂


So many decisions to make.  I like the templates here at wordpress.  I just wish I knew more about how to create my own header.  And other fun things like that.  Mostly, I am a blogging ding dong.  Yumm… doesn’t that sound good?  Okay, I admit it… I’m on a sugar crash right now.  I’m loving my marshmallow peeps which are back in stores now!  It’s all I’ve had to eat today.  Which is okay.  Right?  Maybe not, but there’s no one here to stop me from eating them for breakfast and lunch.  Since breakfast is over, I think I’ll move on.  The only questions that remain are… which color should I have?  And should I continue to share with family members or should I horde them all? 

I’m leaving the title on here… I’ve tried out several different blog spots today… looking around… seeing what I like.  I’ve been using blogger, but don’t like the format very well.  So, I’m gonna give this a shot, see how it goes and then we’ll go from there.  Hopefully I’m smart enough to figure this out, but you never know!

This is Red – the hair isn’t as noticeable because the wood behind him has an orange tone to it, but I love this picture of him!  He is such a good helper.  He is always willing to pitch in and do whatever he can and usually with a smile too!


 This is Little Bug.  He is a sweetie and I don’t know what we’d do without him!  He has autism and so he can’t speak yet.  But he is doing more and more each day and we’ve learned to love the high points and try to keep smiling through the low ones! 

This is Baby Girl.  She is crazy.  And I mean that in the best way possible!  She keeps me on my toes and loves to play games.  She is the ultimate contradiction.  She is the princess tomboy and I love it!

This is my 2nd blog.  You can read more about our little family at http://mejojacspot.blogspot.com  I’m not sure which blog I will keep.  I had a hard time getting my pictures to fit in here… so that might make my decision, but I do love the format here at wordpress.  I guess we’ll have to see!